Location: ORIEL YNS MON Rhosmeirch, Llangefni LL77 7TQ http://www.kyffinwilliams.info

As we balance on the brink of this Third Machine Age and watch our lives and ourselves move online, artists Jess Bugler, Ruth Cousins, Matthew Day and Sarah Holyfield step back to consider this new digital context and our human experience within it.

In four interlinked explorations, the artists question the nature of our modern world, probing our sense of self in this digital landscape, evoking the impact of calculation and control in our lives, inviting us to decipher connections and disconnections within society, and challenging us to contemplate the displacement of our physical bodies.

Using technology from laser cutters, to sublimation printers, Risographs and 3D printers, their individual responses reflect on the meaning of these technologies from their own personal experience, and question the implications for the role technology is playing in our new world.

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