An exhibition of my light painting photography arrives at Anteros Arts Foundation in Norwich, opening 11th Feb until 22nd Feb, with a private view on 13th Feb 6 - 8 pm.

I'll also be signing and selling copies of my latest book "Design Principles for Photography" published by Bloomsbury, at the private view.

Anyone interested in learning more about Light Painting photography is welcome to come along to a presentation at Anteros, where I'll give a short talk about my work.

carbon C 6

Who are we?
Where do we come from?
Millions of years ago, exploding stars became supanovas and scattered their dust across the universe. That dust contained carbon, and everything living on this planet is made from carbon compounds. We are all, literally stardust.

Light painting harnesses the power and energy of light - hand-painted, weaving in and around the contours or features of our faces and bodies with a light tool during a 30-second exposure. This powerful collision of time and light combines energetically to transform us, to see ourselves in one unique moment, never to be repeated or experienced again.

Carbon is what makes charcoal black, and diamonds dazzle. It simultaneously creates and destroys. Our lives depend on it. We have to live with this chaotic universe inside of us, and exist within the universe that contains us.