Passing Place - Unknown Location was made in relation to the book 'In Pursuit of Spring' by the poet Edward Thomas about his bicycle ride from London to Somerset in March 1913. This was in response to a call out for a group exhibition at Black Swan Arts, Frome in partnership with SAW. My entry description in the catalogue is as follows: ‘Most of all, Thomas writes about the road, the verges, the light and the sky’ (Alexandra Harris, 2016, in her Introduction to In Pursuit of Spring). Having been motivated by Edward Thomas’ marathon journey, we once set off on a long ride from Dorset to Yorkshire, but taking his Wiltshire route across Salisbury Plain.
Passing Place Unknown Location is based on a photograph I took somewhere on that leg of the journey, near the Somerset border. It is an anthotype (made with a spinach and vodka emulsion), painted with chalk and other earth colours.