The Continuance of Animate Existence developed from a series of drawings. For some years I have been working on series of drawings, in sketchbooks or on envelopes that explore the changes that take place through repeated drawing over a period of time.
This year my Grandmother, who is 100 years old, is coming to the end of her life due to cancer. My relationship with my grandmother is intense as she brought me up in the absence of my mother. I began to draw a single snowdrop on a daily basis, from start to finish: from the fresh young bud to the beautiful blossoming and eventual withering. The process of change corresponds directly with my grandmother's life as it slowly comes to an end. The calm and quiet of the animation reflects the simplicity of the flower itself and acts as a visual metaphor for life.
The piece consists of an animation and series of drawings.

  • Dimensions: 1 min 47 secs
  • Artforms: Drawing
  • Tags: Animation