Gagosian Gallery

Affirmation starring:
Larry Gagosian
Takashi Murakami
Florian Faber
Jay Rechsteiner

drawings and texts: 45cm x 70cm. Acrylic paint on tissue paper

Affirmation prayer:
I deserve a fulfilling relationship with Gagosian Gallery. I am attracting a trusting and loving relationship with Gagosian Gallery. I am worthy of the compliments I receive from Gagosian Gallery, curators, gallery workers, fellow artists and the public. I love myself and my work and I am open to love Gagosian Gallery and everyone working for Gagosian Gallery.

Affirmation story:
Takashi Murakami is visiting Jay Rechsteiner's solo show at Gagosian Gallery. He really, REALLY likes Jay's work. Quote: Wow, you are the future of art! Larry Gagosian is very excited about the show and agrees with Takashi while Florian Faber is trying to tie his shoes.