Full title: Bad Painting number 11:
man keeping three females as prisoners in the basement of his house, he occasionally rapes them

BAD PAINTING is a series of paintings that I would like to categorize as Bad Realism which is work that is bad in terms of style, craftsmanship & content. The badly executed paintings represent the underlying bad reality of the actions depicted. The work challenges the Western sense of beauty, perfectionism and fear of failure. I personally find making this work very liberating as I am not restricted in terms of how well I paint. Rooms are distorted, bodies are out of proportion, shadows fall into the wrong direction etc.

The term Bad Painting was coined by the critic and curator Marcia Tucker in the 70s. I have always been fascinated by the freedom of 'bad' painters such as Joan Brown or Neil Jenney. 'Bad' painting doesn't only set me free from the constraints of 'good' & 'decent' technique but also gives me a feeling of everything-goes and everything-is-fine. There are obviously a lot of people who don't like my Bad Painting series very much, not only because of the way they are painted but also due to the themes and subject matters. I think there is only a handful of people who appreciate the work. During the process of working on this series (since early 2013) I have come to terms with the unpopularity of the work and now I simply don't care if people love, like, dislike or even hate my paintings.