Approved: 14.01.2008

Jasmine Pradissitto

Artist, Consultant, Lecturer / academic, Maker, Writer

Approved: 14.01.2008

Quantum Paintings and Sculptures in Light
1: noun  the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible:A dual nature. Light exists simultaneously as both particle and wave. A paradox-See Quantum

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    Quantum Paintings and Sculptures in Light
    1: noun  the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible:A dual nature. Light exists simultaneously as both particle and wave. A paradox-See Quantum

    2: verb  noun  spiritual illumination by divine truth.
    ‘It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.’ Henry David Thoreau

    As an artist and a physcist with a Ph.D. in light physics and materials, I cannot help but see the world from a different perspective.
    For any artist, we look for resonance as we access our individual experiences seeking  the visual metaphors which drive our vision.The same duality as found in light has also gone on to inspire everything from Art, to The Atomic Theory to, most currently, our very Consciousness; the duality paradox forced a paradigm shift in not only scientific thinking but is leading us into the Fourth Revolution: one of Thought. Illumination in thought and in reality challenges not just the artist but all of us.
    Using special transparent plastics and wavelengths of light both to illuminate the work and create it, the duality of my work is implicit. Without light the work appears dark;  Add light and it resonates in colour: changing only with a slight movement of the head.
    The laws of pattern in both evolution and environment have long fascinated me: add to this, the fleeting resonant chords of our consciousness to the things around, and we have a natural link between the seemingly chaotic and order, the natural world and our minds.
     Different doesn’t stop at what should be,but what could be.

    CV & Education

    2017 Unfold with MTART 

    2017 Clinic2// Vi+min London

    2017 Shortlisted Art Gemini Prize, Asia House, London

    2017 SWA , Mall gallery 156th Annual Show

    2017 Embodied, The Sciart Center, New York

    2017 Kinetica 10th Anniversary Show, Ugly Duck, London

    2017 Artrooms, London

    2016 Flux- Truman Breweries, London

    2016 Utopia/ Dystopia with Fringe Arts Bath- Bath 

    2016 Artist and Curator with SLWA, Goldsmiths and The WAL- 'Pillow Talk' Tedx UCL and BBC100 Women, London

    2015 Gravity, Kinetica Museum and The Hospital Club, London

    2015 'Eureka' Sci-Art Show, London


    2015 The Brentwood Rd Gallery Touring Show - The Empathy Circuit Curator Richard Hore 

    2015 Dulwich Open Studios, London 

    2015 Gabriel Fine Art, London - Death & Transition SLWA

    2014 Abingdon Independent School - Down to last 2 for a £50k public art commission 
    2014 One Church St Gallery -Shortlisted Bryant Kellig Painting Prize 
    2014 SWLA Conway Hall, London -Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers 
    2014 Future Forum, Creativity in Physics with The Institute Of Physics 
    2014 Espacio Gallery, London - SWLA Colourswatch 
    2014 Holocaust Memorial Day Trust - Drawing Inspriration 
    2013 Mine Gallery, London - Drawing from Life 
    2013 Bils and Rye Gallery, Yorkshire - Figuratively Speaking 
    2013 Schwartz Gallery, London -Hot One Hundred 
    2013 APT Gallery Creekside - Shortlisted 
    2013 EWACC. London - Charity Group Show 
    2012 Threadneedle Prize, London - Shortlisted 
    2012 Galleria Pedrocchi, Padova - Transitions 
    2012 Palazzo delle Prigioni, Venice - Transitions 
    2011 Kinetica, London - First Light paintings 
    2010 UK Japan Art Award - Finalist 
    2010 Illumini, London - Secret Subterranean 
    2010 Sydenham Arts Festival, London - Group Show 
    2010 Brighton And Hove Museum - Precious-touring museum show 
    2009 Salon Gallery, London - Solo Show with Trudie Stephenson 
    2009 House Gallery, London 2 Person show-The Notion of Line 
    2009 Ludlow Open - Finalist 
    2009 New Brewery Arts Group, Gloucestershire - Finalist 
    2009 Mascells Gallery, Kent 3rd ko-ax 6 person show 
    2008 Alpan Gallery, New York - Group Show 
    2007 Pepperton Gallery, London - Flux 
    2007 Lautieri Moores, Cork St., London - Finalist 
    2007 Prevista London Showcase, London - Group show 
    2007 APT Gallery Creekside, London - Shortlisted 
    2006 Stroud House Gallery, Stroud - Selected Graduates Show 
    2006 London Metropolitan University, London - Graduate Show 
    2006 Celeste Painting Prize, London - Shortlisted 
    2005 Signals, London - Group Show


    2015 Silver Medal for Painting, Masters International
    2007 Lautieri Moores, Cork St. 2nd Prize for Carbon 12 
    1993 The Working Men’s College The Francis Martin College Prize for Life Drawing


    2017 Film on Innovative artists by Nonika Farafarika

    2016 Documentary on the Quantum Work-filmed by Chrispin Hutton 
    2012 Light paintings Butterfly series …..Watch on Vimeo 
    2010 Light Paintings, Brighton and Hove Museum by Simon Wilkinson Watch on Vimeo 
    2006 Painting machines


    2016 Lewisham NHS Trust- Commissioned Artist with prints of the Quantum Work based on nature, in Lewisham amd Woolwich Hospitals.
    2015 Ingenuity, London- A course on Creativity to Engineers- Creative Engineers Change the World 
    2015 Derby Silk Mill Museum, STEAM Residency 
    2015 Creativity in Chemistry with The Royal Society of Chemistry 
    2015 Crate, Symposium - How Artists Make a Living 
    2014 Mentor for UK arts Science Prize 
    2013 Innovation through a New Perspective - Government Dept. of Business, Enterprise and Innovation 
    2013 London South Bank University - Visting fellow- lecturing on creativity to engineers 
    2011 Portsmouth University - Visiting Artist creating first light paintings 
    2008 Portsmouth University - Investigating the nature of line in science and art 
    2005 Dulux and London South Bank University - Paint machines/installations looking using ideas in quantum mechanics. 
    2005 The Women’s Library, London A paint installation on the rights of women 

    2005 Chair for Crystal Palace Artists - A contemporary artist led group to in SE London

    2004 The Institute of Education Commission on Chaos and Fractals in art


    2017 Interalia Magazine Search for a Brave New world Aesthetic

    2017 Studio Interview with Art thou

    2016 The International Interest ‘Art and Technology: a crucial marriage in a post digital society’

    2016 Interalia Magazine 'Joining the Creative Dots- a journey through Science to Art'

    2016 An interview with Art the Science

    2013 An Interview at Visual ArtBeat Magazine on my Quantum Paintings

    2013 NY Publication Poetry Nook 
    2009 20x20 magazine Published 
    2008 BBC Blast Confluence of Science and art


    Lewisham Hospital -London
    Tokyo Museum - Japan 
    Arches Hotel - London 
    Corinthia Hotel, London 
    London South Bank University - London 
    Hove Museum - Brighton 
    Institute Of Education - London 
    Federation Tower - Moscow 
    Private Collections - Worldwide