“From now until next summer, I am fortunate to be 2019/20’s recipient of Artspace Coventry’s graduate residency at Eaton House. Each month I’ll be writing a blog post about my residency. This gives me the opportunity to reach out of the studio and share my artistic practice as it develops from graduation this summer towards a solo show of my work at Arcadia Gallery next summer.

When I made my initial proposals to Coventry Artspace, I said I saw Eaton House as a pivot from which I could explore the city. Now, looking out from my fourth-floor corner studio, this magnificent view over the city serves to remind me of this. It’s funny to be so far up when I have been making work mostly about being at ground level. My idea was to walk through the city to the studio and back again as a means to gather inspiration for work. This might produce written and drawn observations, but more likely a collection of gathered objects from the ground – as if I were half litter-picker and half magpie. These fragments – sometimes organic, sometimes not – would become incorporated in work. Either bodily or symbolically, or they would stimulate work by the discovery of the processes (‘real’ or imagined) by which they were caused to be left on the ground so I could find them.

I use these walks to reset my headspace from family concerns to art and to understand where and how I am. However, these are not just personal existential questions. I’m interested in how outside places are connected, and how these interstitial spaces are moved through on foot and, in phenomenological terms how I feel when I am there. What happens when personal passages are interrupted, obstructed, channeled, or re-channeled in socio-historical ways by structures and activities?... this is the link to rest of the blog: https://coventry-artspace.co.uk/blog/graduate-artist-in-residence-blog-spot/