20 October – 14 November 2017
Saturday 21 October
2 – 4pm

The Grange, Rottingdean, Brighton, BN2 7HA

Open 10 – 4pm
Sunday 2-4pm
Closed Wednesday

Red has been the basis for Platform’s collective exhibition and research. Red is evocative-it exudes drama, danger, sex appeal, glamour and politics.

This exhibition brings together nine artists exploring aspects of the colour Red. Jane Andrews, Lucy Brown, Gabby Dempster, Helen Goodwin, Caitlin Heffernan, Eva Kalpadaki, Jane Ponsford, Teresa Whitfield and Jayne Wilson have been inspired to create new work within this context.

Each artist has taken individual starting points to Red, influenced by their own practice, including issues around interior and exterior space, identity, displacement, materiality, the body, ways of seeing, storytelling and rituals. The artists have explored this through a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, film, site-specific installation, photography and drawing.

Red is the first exhibition of Platform, an Artist Peer Group, which has met once a month at Fabrica, Brighton’s Centre for Contemporary Art, for over 8 years. It acts as a forum for exchange and collaboration and was originally set up by Caitlin Heffernan as part of Fabrica’s support for artists in the South East.