Location: The Fire Within, The Galleries, Wigan Town Centre

A dynamic new series of installations transforming Wigan Town Centre Galleries from 2nd November with paintings, film, video, poetry, drawings, sculpture, taxidermy, music, dancers, performers, and punk fashion for the next generation of rebels. Focusing on aspects of birth, life and death through the vision of climate activism, Extinction Rebellion, environmental protest and ideas for our global future.
Not to be missed!!
Wigan is rapidly transforming into a centre of cultural excellence through the collaboration of The Fire Within and Wigan Council. Instead of going down the route of impoverishment of so many town centres in Britain this amazing collaboration is bringing re-newed life to the town through Arts and Culture. With its five year manifesto THE FIRE WITHIN and the vision of internationally renowned artists Al & Al the town is showcasing artists based in Wigan and the North West region. Wigan is rapidly becoming the inspiration for towns throughout the U.K. by bringing new life and vigour to its town centre.