Approved: 16.08.2006

Jane Fairhurst

Artist, Curator, Maker, Researcher

Approved: 16.08.2006

Jane Fairhurst

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        Artist Statement

        Jane Fairhurst

        I’m a professional artist with over three decades making art, exhibiting and curating exhibitions. I attended Liverpool School of Art at 18 and I’ve been a studio-based artist for over 20 years. I gained my Master’s degree with distinction from Liverpool John Moores University in 2010.

        Having worked across range of media, drawing, painting, mixed media, textiles and installation since 2017 I have focused on painting.

        I make work in series and research is an important part of my practice, the themes and subject matter are dynamic and subject to change, as new connections surface across the body of the work.

        Garden meditations 2021

        I have always felt the need to respond to what is going on around me and I try to bring some of that into my paintings.

        During 2021 I have spent a lot of time in my garden and my current series of oil paintings are developed from sketches made al fresco in the garden. The paintings explore the genius Loci, the constant change, the impermanence, as the garden rises and falls with the cycle of the seasons.  Portraying growth and light, form and colour and the inter-connectedness between the elements I create visual narratives. Whilst my paintings are devoid of people they are implied by the very nature of the garden as a human construct, a heterotopia.

        CV & Education

        Artist living and working in Greater Manchester

        Studio holder and trustee Cross Street Arts, Standish, Wigan

        Castefield Gallery Associate

        Suite studio Group Associate

        Member of Wirral Society of Arts


        2010 Masters Degree in Fine Art with Distinction, Liverpool JMU Academy of Art and Design.

        Exhibition selection committee member

        West Lancashire Open 2007, 2010, 2016


        West Lancashire Art Prize winner 2005 & 2007

        2005 3D Prize, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh.

        Greater Manchester Art Prize 2016  - selected artist

        National Open Art Prize 2017 - shortlisted

        Selected Exhibitions 2010-2018



        Aesthetica Magazine, artist of the week, artist’ directory

        Unto This Last, Wigan Arts Festival, Isherwood Gallery, The Old Courts, curator and exhibitor


        Beep Wales International Painting Prize, Elysium Gallery, Swansea, selected artist

        Twice as Nice, PSMirabel, Manchester, selected artist

        Size Matters, Gallery One, World of Glass, St. Helens, selected artist

        Intoline, Wigan Arts Festival, Isherwood Gallery, The Old Courts, Wigan, selected artist

        Something Called Home, King Street Studios, Lancaster, selected artist

        The Transit of Venus, Isherwood Gallery, The Old courts, Wigan, solo exhibition


        The Transit of Venus, Isherwood Gallery, The Old Courts, Wigan, solo exhibition

        Curiosity, AIR Gallery, Altrincham, invited artist

        Anniversary Exhibition, Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester, invited artist

        Halloween, The Old Courts, Wigan, invited artist

        Art Across, in conversation with Sara Riccardi at Saul Hay Gallery

        Material Matters, Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester, invited artist

        Nasty Women Wigan, Cross Street Gallery, selected artist

        New Mills Art Festival, Derbyshire, selected artist

        Warrington Contemporary, selected artist

        Small Worlds, PS Mirabel, Manchester, selected artist

        Cross Street Arts at The Atkinson, Southport

        Strange Little Things, Bankley Gallery, Manchester

        Museum Night, Wigan Museum of Life, selected artist

        Jane Fairhurst paintings and drawings, Heather Hill Gallery, Connemara, Eire, invited artist

        Something Black, Cultivate, London, selected artist

        Placement v Process, Wigan Arts Festival, Cross Street Arts at The Isherwood Gallery, Wigan

        Reality Removed, World of Glass, St Helens, selected artist

        She will need her sisterhood, The Floating Gallery, Leeds, selected artist

        T’Art, Sweet’Art exhibition, Bones and Pearl Gallery, London, selected artist

        Mono, PS Mirabel, Manchester, selected artist


        Reality on the Edge, PS Mirabel, Manchester, selected artist

        Warrington Contemporary arts Festival, selected artist

        Wigan Arts Festival, Cross Street Arts , Isherwood Gallery, The Old Courts, Wigan

        New Mills Arts Festival, High Peak, Derbyshire, selected artist

        She wearesweet’art 47/49 Tanner Street, Bermondsey, London, selected artist

        West Lancs Open, Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk, selector and exhibitor

        Spectrum, PS Mirabel, Manchester, selected artist

        GM Arts Prize 2016 Summer Exhibition, Manchester, selected artist

        A6 Dialogue at Cross Street Arts, curator and exhibitor

        Alternate Nature, Electric Picture House, Congelton, Cheshire, selected artist

        The Transit of Venus, Calver Gallery, South Square Centre, Thornton, Bradford, solo exhibition

        Hand Maid Wearesweetart for International Women’s Week, Hoxton Arches Gallery, Shoreditch, London, selected artist