Charting the area between art and game, play table is a multi-participant, audiovisual ‘work-in-progress’ that has been developed iteratively through a programme of public events.

At its heart, play table features an interactive video image projected from above onto a large tabletop surface. Participants, or ‘art players’, are invited to manipulate virtual objects from the edge of the surface, and by doing so, create aesethetic results that are both visually and sonically arresting. With this set-up, I have sought to test specific mechanics of social interaction through a range of ‘art games’ that stimulate co-operation and/or provoke competition. Above all else, the project is an exploration of playfulness.

By positioning the project as ongoing ‘work in progress’, the development process has been opened up to members of the public whose input and feedback has been invaluable.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.