I was in a long period of mental health recovery after art school, here's some of my work from art school days.

‘Pick ‘n’ Mix ,1998: Large mixed media wall installation. The series is a metaphor for some ones feelings of internal imprisonment. About feeling apart from a culture and feeling repressed in life. Perhaps, having limited choices in life. About not being heard. The bird seed represents the choices we are told we have, when we have the banality of bird seed and not the wonderment of 'Pick 'n' Mix'.

‘Arrangement’ 1998: Working on different levels, Political, fun and a commentary on Society. Suggesting that the birds do not have much choice about their companions and about some human couples entering relationships for convenience. It is also about feeling trapped in a relationship.

‘Options are open ‘ Installation, 1997. This works on many levels, Political, fun and Cultural/Social commentary. The main message is that caged birds have not many options, to ring the bell or have a swing. There is also a metaphor here that suggests some people have not many options in Life.