I'm so proud of myself and those who worked on Mirrored to the Core (phase 1, the operatic video installation)

It was the critique of Mirrored to the Core, (the operatic video part of the project) last night. The critiquing session was organised by Artquest (University of the Arts London) and Peer Sessions, who had evolved and tweaked the critique sessions. It was a success for all !

Mirrored to the Core was well received with someone commenting on the operatic heard voices as ''The theatrically of the first time you meet someone in a relationship'' (not a direct quote) Y'know when you first go on a date and you present a different person than yourself almost.

People picked up on the contrast between the theatrical high culture of the operatic heard voices, with the everyday 'Free' places you can visit without paying; The Park/bench, the underground carpark, the corporation public amphitheatre, with it's scaffolding rails to the everyday streets of Birmingham UK.

We were also privileged enough to hear a talk by Jane Lawson of Castlefield Gallery, the whole evening was themed as 'Activism and social change salon' With Jane talking on the theme of the environment and the SUSTAIN/SPARK networks, which I learnt a lot from.

I enjoyed critiquing with others another artist's work too; it works so well when it's a communal critique. I'm proud of myself for doing this, critiques are always difficult, yet this was rewarding and was thoroughly exciting and mentally challenging throughout.