Charlie Porter was great, the functionality of what artists wear, was fantastic. For me restriction in life and with clothing is not on. It's a great idea for a book. It made me think about "The person's dress who lives with psychosis being their outer skin'' meaning that the clothes are a reflection of what's beneath the skin. An extension of our entire being, the need to reject, discard, to play with societies rhythms or fashions disrupted.

I personally wish I could experiment more with my own clothing, but instead my experimenting in collaboration with fashion students excites me. My original, schizophrenic thoughts for the costumes for 'Mirrored to the Core' had to be toned down a bit. Making sense to the viewer and presenting the voice hearing characters in a acceptable light is where the students took me. I'm glad they did.

These fashion photos are influences for where I originally wanted the voice hearing characters to go. Yet, I think the students did a fantastic job, in making their costumes more palatable. Really proud of them.

Thanks to Charlie Porter, axis and Lucy for the inspiration and nudge in a different direction.