My video installation artwork ‘Lost Person’ has been featured in a new publication ‘RegenerART Resilience and Hope’ curated by London based, Brazilian multimedia artist Juliana Lauletta.

The book includes a collection of artworks and artists stories of resilience and hope that infuse readers with optimism and help sustain our energy levels during these difficult times.

“The stories in this book serve as a reminder that, even when things get bleak, it is possible to recover. Difficult times can be an opportunity to remake oneself and emerge even stronger than before. I believe we can regenerate through art: RegenerART” Juliana Lauletta

‘Lost Person’ is told from the perspective of a person living with schizophrenia. It is a story about isolation and loneliness, influenced by people I have met and my own experience of recovery.

Everybody’s lives are full of twists and turns. You may find yourself wondering, do the tough times make the joyful ones that much more valuable? Do they result in the creation of a better person?

Some people live with mental illness and that’s not easy. Personally, it has enlightened me. I have been down and with the insight I received, I carry on, wounded, but with a better understanding of myself and life.

When you are in a place you don’t belong, remember it won’t be forever. Life is full of mystery and surprises. Wonderful things can and do happen. Isolation and loneliness due to mental illness can be defeated. I love comebacks and believe in second chances. Luckily, that has happened to me.

The first edition of ‘RegenerART’ can be downloaded for free here

A printed version on this publication will be also be available soon.