My new mixed media installation PYLON is a thought-provoking artwork that demystifies the lived experience of someone who has psychosis, a condition often misunderstood.

PYLON will reveal a truthful depiction of the psychotic condition enabling exhibition visitors to experience psychosis in a unique and positive way. On completion, the artwork will be showcased to the public culminating in an exhibition at Black Box project space, UCA Farnham and solo show at A-side B-side Gallery, London later in the year.

Since my return to arts practice four years ago, my personal journey has involved me learning additional artistic/practical skills and assembling a team to help me progress. This includes assistance and mentoring from award winning artist Kye Wilson who will bring to the project his experience of project management and advice on professional arts practice using moving image in an installation context.

Recently I have met with other core collaborators, sound recordist Richard Gott and filmmaker Rob Luckins. Richard and I have been discussing about how through using audio we can bring a psychotic experience to audiences and ensure that it is technically possible. With Rob our conversations have involved discussing the shots I have in my mind and what is achievable and the best way to go about filming them.

With performer Amber Weyman I have been working on ideas for costume, hair and makeup for the fictional character ‘Lily’. This has included sending each other images of what she might look and be like, hopefully transcending the ‘psychotic’ stereotype. The character will be strong, captivating, yet going through a tough time. We have recently created some promotional images for the project and have begun to try out some different performance elements of the character. We will continue to build on this in future rehearsals together and are looking to begin filming in the spring.