James Moore

Artist, Curator

Approved: 26.07.2011

My paintings explore our snowballing detachment from the real world within a visual culture of ever increasing simulacra. The scenes that I depict have surrealist qualities, drawing on the aesthetics of the dream image and collage, and they are largely the product of virtual spaces and mediated imagery more than any directly observed reality. I montage painted imagery into the pictorial space, playing with the pressing media through which our visual landscape is composed.

These works are explorations of hypereality, representation, virtual imagery, mimesis and simulacra, and how the interplay of these things can be explored in the conventions of painting. I'm particularly interested in JG Ballard's writing and especially his ideas around mind as a state of landscape and inner-space, rather than outer-space, being the major frontier facing humanity.

My work has evolved from a kind of straight forward photo-realist style into a painting technique that plays with mimicry. Painting, in my view, has always been about fakery – about synthesising the world into a plastic space. It has little to do with transcribing direct observations onto canvas, instead it is a process of mimicking media, cutting and sampling.

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