'La Lune et terre sauvage', (the moon and the wild earth). Was an performance installation created during the Lorient Inter-Celtic festival in Brittany, where I was representing Cornwall for the second time. In 2015 I created the sculpture installation ' An indescribable essence'.

'La Lune et terre sauvage', was curated by Vivienne Gillard who wanted to create something outside, the rest of the exhibitors were in the building behind the piece. We wanted to look at the ideas surrounding Rewilding in conservation and of humans. In making the work on site, carving the moon etc, it enabled me to interact with members of the public, who kept coming back to see progress. I was glad to be in the shade of the tree due to the heatwave!! However it meant the finished piece wasn't well lit. The work was hung from a branch with a woven textile night sky. Cut tree branches created a triangle frame to the area and wood chip creating ripples of the sea catching moon reflections.

The wood for the moon came from the Oak tree at Heligan, the second piece of work in the #Heliganoakproject (Instagram hashtag) .