Approved: 21.03.2017

James Harper

Artist, Curator, Project manager, Writer

Approved: 21.03.2017

As an artist my work, often using curatorial devices, makes comparisons between the social, congregational nature of the art gallery and that of social clubs and places of worship.

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Artist Statement

As an artist my work, often using curatorial devices, makes comparisons between the social, congregational nature of the art gallery and that of social clubs and places of worship.

Furthermore, through video, sculpture and performance, my practice draws on how audiences interact and engage with art works and with the gallery, its structures and its mechanisms. I uses performative actions and staged interventions to engage the audience, often elevating them to the role of performer.


CV & Education

Studio 29
The Royal Standard
Northern Lights
Cains Brewery Village
5 Mann Street Street
L8 5SD

[email protected]


  • 2012 MA Curating, Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL
  • 2009 BA Fine Art, Cardiff School of Art and Design
  • 2006 Foundation Art and Design, Yale College, Wrexham


  • Tzuzjj, Co-Director, 2015 - present
  • PERICLO, Programme Curator, 2015 - present
  • Oriel Wrecsam, Gallery Assistant, 2014 - present
  • The Royal Standard, Director, 2013-2015

Selected Exhibitions:

  • 2016 Auto Agents, Bluecoat, Liverpool
  • 2016 Freeform Audio Stream, White Wizard, Liverpool/Online
  • 2016 Company, Summerhall, Edinburgh
  • 2016 Early Warning, &Model, Leeds
  • 2016 The Royal Standard, Temple du Gout, Nantes
  • 2015 Cascading Relevant Information, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool
  • 2015 D’caffeinated, Sluice Art Fair, London
  • 2015 GAREJ, Garage, Edinburgh
  • 2015 Best In Show, Same Shit Different Day, London
  • 2015 Bam Bam Bam, The Royal Standard, Liverpool
  • 2014 Llif, Flow, Virta, Galeri 3B, Wrexham
  • 2013 Open Market, Undegun, Wrexham
  • 2011 Space Exchange, Aid & Abet, Cambridge
  • 2011 Return to Sender, Buffalo, Cardiff
  • 2011 Parts Unknown, Embassy, Edinburgh


Selected Curated Projects and Exhibitions:

  • 2017 The Hum, Caustic Coastal, Salford
  • 2017 What A Time To Be Alive, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam
  • 2016 Chloë Manasseh, Manchester Contemporary, Manchester
  • 2016 Crit-A-Öke, Bluecoat, Liverpool
  • 2016 Fruits of the Lûm, CBS Gallery, Liverpool
  • 2016 Harness Your Hiraeth, PERICLO, Wrexham
  • 2015 External Machines, The Royal Standard, Liverpool
  • 2015 <<BG3: Graeme Durant>>, Bloc Projects, Sheffield
  • 2014 Autumn Triple Threat, The Royal Standard, Liverpool
  • 2014 <<BG2: Harper&Marsh>>, Undegun, Wrexham
  • 2014 Abstract Devices, Bocs, Caernarfon
  • 2014 <<BG1: Mike Jones>>, Undegun, Wrexham
  • 2014 Sam Smith: Frames Of Reference, The Royal Standard, Liverpool
  • 2014 I Know You; You Can Come With Me, Oriel Wrecsam, Wrexham
  • 2013 Different Domain, The Royal Standard, Liverpool
  • 2013 From Groes to Groys, Oriel Wrecsam, Wrexham
  • 2013 A Note On A City, Bruno Glint, London
  • 2012 Blows to the Temple, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin
  • 2012 Cult of The Amateur?, Cell Project Space, London
  • 2012 Prospectus, Chelsea Triangle Space, London


Lectures, Residencies, Talks and Workshops:

  • 2017 Criw Celf workshops, Holywell & Deeside Leisure Centres, Flintshire
  • 2016 ‘On Being Angels’ talk, Xero, Kline & Coma, London
  • 2016 Art As Advocacy workshops, Bluecoat, Liverpool
  • 2016 Artist in Residence, Back and Forth, Nantes, FR
  • 2015 Artist in Residence, The NewBridge Project, Newcastle
  • 2015 Artist in Residence, WanderBox, Cardiff
  • 2014 IKYYCCWM workshop, St Christopher’s, Wrexham
  • 2012 Resident Curator, Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin
  • 2008 Artist in Residence, Tactile Bosch, Cardiff



  • Conscious Coupling, [segment written by Tom Emery] published by The Double Negative/The Royal Standard (2016)


Selected Writing:


Awards and Funding:

  • 2016 Travel Bursary, Wales Arts International
  • 2013 Project Grant, Arts Council Wales