Set to be displayed in 'Falling Walls: Mail Art exhibition' at John Street Gallery, Stroud. November 1st - 15th.

Press release:
'Falling Walls' is a international mail art exhibition hosted by SVA as part of the project 'Berliner Zeitgeist' in Stroud, England. 'Berliner Zeitgeist' is an extensive Autumn programme with films, talks and artist lead events responding to the theme of the historical event of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and how it had so many effects on a personal and international level. This project is also a creative response at a time of critical political transition, in a time of Brexit, to build positive connections between artists and communities across Europe.

During the exhibition we will host a Soup Versammlung in the gallery where we will facilitate a discussion around one of the themes of the project.

The exhibition will take place in John Street gallery, Stroud Valley Artspace (SVA), Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK.

The exhibition will move to the Nau gallery in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire where they will also a Soup Versammlung.

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