Location: Norman Rea Gallery, University of York

The Norman Rea Gallery is the only student led gallery in a UK University, so we, its current officers, are proud to announce its 10th anniversary in its current Derwent College space. Throughout that time the gallery has had a vital role in the academic life of the University of York, being used to explore new means of display, creating exhibitions that challenge contemporary and historical, social, political and artistic themes. Accommodating a wide range of artistic practice, the gallery provides a
platform for local, national and international artists.

As part of our 2019/2020 exhibition programme, we aim to celebrate the history of the Norman Rea. Examining the variety of art displayed over the last 10 years, our first exhibition at the start of this academic year will be a retrospective look at the range of artists who have contributed artwork to
past shows at the Norman Rea. We are excited to show a small sample of the exciting range of work shown over the last decade, with artworks based on a wide range of disciplines- film to sculpture, drawing to performance.

This exhibition will provide present and past artists, committee members, members and visitors an opportunity to collaborate and to re-explore what it means to be part of the Norman Rea. We hope to engage as many people as possible in celebrating an understanding of fine art, an enthusiasm for
curatorial practice and, importantly, to reflect on our dynamic role as part of a large creative community of people.

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