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Jake Francis

Artist, Critic, Event organiser, Writer

Approved: 14.04.2014

Unsuccesful artist, amateur lover.

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    Unsuccesful artist, amateur lover.



    You see those rabbits there? Yup, those one in The Magician's Hat Stand (2010). They were once known as ‘La grande terreurs de l'oreille’ which loosely translates as ‘the big eared terrors.’ Well I defeated them, and not through your run-of-the-mill machete or gun, no sir. By using my charm, charisma and wit, I was able to get these big-toothed tyrants to simply lay down their aggression and happily peel the skins off their own backs. It was as if they were simply taking off a pair of socks. And that’s nothing compared to the amount of awards I’ve gained for artistic excellence, which obviously brings a lot of media attention and women to my door (bedroom). It’s got so crazy that I’ve started to actually hide £50 notes around galleries that I exhibit in- go ahead have a look next time! My gift to you.                                                                                                                                                      


    I am an inadequate artist who very occasionally, through the generosity of others, experiences mild success. Nothing makes me happier than seeing free tea or coffee in a waiting room. 


    CV & Education


    Unsuccesful artist, amateur lover.



    My artistic focus is predominately within alteration of the everyday. Through simple appropriation of the familiar, I find that artworks hold much more gravity than the average painting or marble sculpture; there is a reliability in something that was once classed as ‘normal’. 

    But hey - why take my word for it? It's not like I'm rolling in the money is it?

    That being said, I do have a variety of skills in the more ‘formal’ areas of artstistic production, including:

    -SLR Photography

    -Plaster/resin casting 

    -Bronze/aluminum casting


    -Photoshop and Illustrator 


    -Curatorial experience and critical writing/theory 



    Norwich University of the Arts

    BA (Hons) Fine Art - 2:1 grade obtained with commendations.


    Stowupland High School Sixth Form 

    3 A-Levels including Fine Art, Psychology, and English Literature (CBB grades obtained)


    Stowupland High School 

    8 GCSEs including Maths, English, Fine Art etc etc (All A-C grade)


    Selected exhibitions/events


    Solo exhibition. The Ron Cooke Hub, University of York. 5th-16th May 2014.


    Scrooge You

    Solo exhibition. Nunns Yard, Yallops Yard, Thirteen A galleries. Norwich. 16th-31st December 2014. 


    Art Rooms 2016

    Group exhibition. The Melia White House hotel, London. January 2016. 


    In Loving Memory #2 

    Group exhibition. Geddes Gallery, London. 23rd - 26th June 2016.


    Selected features 

    Arts contributor and critic - The Verse: Brighton's official student newspaper


    "Nipple Jesus", short film (contributing artist). November 2015


    Contributing artist - 'We Happy Few' video game, Compulsion Games. 


    Featured - Average Arts magazine, September 2016


    Featured - Art Reveal magazine, November 2016 


    Other experiences

    Alongside my own artistic practice, I have also taught abroad. Through participation on the Camp America scheme I have worked three seasons at a Massachusetts summer camp. Within this camp, I tutored a range of children aged 4-15. These lessons included: cartooning, painting, drawing, photography, and basic art theory. For the keener students, I also constructed a range of support documentation in preparation for future artistic careers. This included: portfolio advice, presenting your work to an audience, networking, and constructing an effective argument. 


    When not working as a tutor, I also took up a leading role in the camp's photo marketing department. This entailed me photographing the kids during activities, obtaining peace of mind and comforting images for the parents back home. This task was also vital for the camps social media profiles, relying on these photographs to illustrate the website and yearbook. 


    Most recently, I have been given more responsibility in organising whole camp events. This has included working creatively on new and ongoing ideas as the summer progressed, and making sure we achieved new heights to excite the kids imaginations. Examples of this include: Martian day!, a casino based Olympics, and Bring Your Rubber Duck to Camp Day.


    In 2015, I was promoted to Art Director of Camp Emerson; this role required me to construct a diverse curriculum of art courses, including: Jewellery, Mixed Media, Cartooning, Felting, Junk Art, Contemporary studies, and Sculpture/Ceramics. Alongside this, I was responsible for a large team of creative practitioners - providing teaching support and guidance in how to construct an effective lesson strategy. 


    2012- Camp Emerson art councillor 


    2013- Camp Emerson art councillor & camp photographer


    2014- Camp Emerson art councillor, camp photographer, and special events officer 


    2015- Camp Emerson art Director and special events officer