Giclée print on Bamboo paper mounted on wood with Oak frame.

Measures 23cm x 28cm x 4cm

Edition of 3

Artist Proof pictured

Searching through our collective memories

The act of photographing has always been strongly associated with the idea of preserving a moment in order to encapsulate a memory. From the beginnings of photography we have used this medium to document. A moment frozen in time that instantly becomes history in the present. These historic photographic images serve as records. A documentation of life. These documents that we have collectively produced since photography’s invention play a key role in cultivating our collective memories and nurturing our cultural identities. They continue to do so.

Through sourcing photographic albums and single images from marketplaces, this ongoing series is being created by digitally layering selected photographs from a related time period to create a reciprocal image seeking to preserve a history both of the physical objects and persons featured. Although some of these images were once private memories they lend themselves as a historic documentation of a time and culture which have indirectly informed our collective memory and cultural identities. These are documents of that moment in time. The ethereal image created breathes new life and movement to these once singularly inanimate objects, offering the viewer the chance to search for the individuals; to piece together their own evolving narrative; whilst preserving the main intention of the images to stand as artefacts of our collective and cultural memories.

  • Dimensions: Measures 23cm x 28cm x 4cm
  • Artforms: Photography
  • Tags: memories, memory, geisha, portrait, history