Location: Millom Palladium, Millom, Cumbria LA18 5DW

Moving Mountains Millom (the making of a cultural landscape) Performance, Film, Installation that symbolically reflects Millom, Cumbria. Matter Matters' is the title for the installation located on the floor of the theatre, (not the stage) a 1.5m x 6m pathlike strip using slag stone in acknowledgement of Millom's industrial heritage and fifty years since the Ironworks closed. It will be adjoined to a strip of living turf grass the similar dimensions approx 1.5m x 6m hopefully from a nearby farm (the fields have individual names and may end in a roll of turf. The grass a present and future, new life, optimism, the environment, agriculture, Millom's current focus on eco-tourism. Children from local primary schools will have made flowers (daisies for their symbolism) and the choir/or audience will be provided with the daisies) will place these in the grass strip, again their involvement pointing to hope for the future.

The choir is currently learning the music for a Rilke poem written by invited composer Kris Hughes for an adaptation of the poems. Pupils from Blackcombe Primary School, Millom, Cumbria will be singing and engaging with the classic literature whilst creating their own piece of culture, presenting the beauty and intensity of Rilke's work from the Book of Hours.

The title 'Matter Matters' is derived from Dr David Cooper's paper on the poetic works of Norman Nicholson, concerning the themes and symbolism, relating to landscape, dwelling and place. there will be a final reading of a Nicholson poem, Millom's own recognised poet laureate.