Location: Millom Palladium, Millom, Cumbria

Working with Nature, Creating Environment, Shaping the World
CHRIS HUDSON: Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
MILLOM PALLADIUM St Georges Road Millom LA18 5BA
18th October 2018 18.30 - 20.30 FREE event and refreshments

Consider NATURE as the natural, physical material world and ENVIRONMENT as the surroundings or conditions which operate around us. All living things adapt to nature and environmental conditions. Chris Hudson, a Chartered Civil Engineer will talk about how Civil Engineers SHAPE THE WORLD around us. The built environment combines artistic creativity with the practical application of science to provide a solution for society. Social appeal leans on aesthetics so curves, angles and shapes are integrated which lead towards challenging design processes. Placed hand in hand with natural and environmental conditions Civil Engineers must work their magic to shape our world.