We are living in politically turbulent times. Politicians are estranged from the public and what the majority really need. Comedic figures dominate headlines whilst corrupt individuals covertly pull the puppet strings. The system needs a shake up.

Clandestine creatively responds to the struggles citizens face in our supposed democratic society, providing a visual representation of the profound imbalance of power.

Comprised of a 10m high pair of pinstripe suit trousers and correspondingly large shoes, the artwork emphasises the elitist and exclusive nature of politics, with the infinity illusion of the legs connoting the never-ending deception and clandestine intentions of governmental figures.

Traditional techniques have been used whenever possible in an effort to highlight the craftsmanship and skill associated with professions such as cobbling. This considered labour further emphasises the divide between those who hand craft these luxury commodities and those who are able to wear them.

This nation is divided and whilst power is held by so few we must work as one to get our voice heard.

Clandestine will be exhibited in the Manchester School of Art Benzie building until the 16th of August 2019.

To purchase Clandestine or for any other enquiries please email [email protected]