"Bishop Astronomer" was based on the intellectual life and the literary bequest of Seth Ward bishop of Salisbury. This remarkably enlightened man was as familiar with the latest scientific theories of the 17th century as he was with theology. Many of these ideas conflicted with Scriptural doctrine, for instance Johannes Kepler's laws of planetary motion, which placed the sun at the centre of the universe. The piece is based on the card-index file system, it folds into a book, but it also acts as a repository for revered objects and symbols. The new science that placed the sun at the centre of all things is reflected by the blue cyanotypes images, all made with sunlight. Materials used were fabric, card, thread, cast plaster, cyanotype print
The work was part of "Animating the Archives" a project run by Salisbury Festival and funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. The festival teamed up with Salisbury Cathedral to develop an opportunity for a range of community groups, each working with a different artist, to respond to the collection held in the Cathedral library and archive. As the visual artist I was commissioned to work with Wiltshire College Salisbury Foundation Diploma Art and Design students and tutors to produce work and an exhibition "Beyond The Archives" that was exhibited in the medieval library at Salisbury Cathedral during the festival.