100 plaster cast towers hang each representing a year since 1914. Four recesses for each year of the war. In the recesses of the towers are small sculptures made from material gathered on Salisbury Plain placed along side small cast figures based on “Fums Up” good luck charms that were given to soldiers in the first World War by their sweet hearts when they went to the front. The heads of the figures are juniper berries, which are found on Salisbury Plain and have a hundred year life span, so 1914 plants are dying out. Visitors were invited to exchange small objects they have made with one of the little ‘Fums Up” figures or juniper joes. The work was part of ‘Cicatrix….the scar of a healed wound’ an ACE funded WW1 centenary exhibition that investigated aspects of WW1, memorials, scaring and the land.