When the project 'Cicatrix…the scar of a healed wound' was exhibited at The Young Gallery works from The John Creasy collection were incorporated. I selected Susan Hiller’s piece “Sentimental Representations: In Memory of My Grandmothers” and placed this work in a vitrine that held an installation in memory of my military grandfather – “Dress Tent: In Memory of my Grandfather 1904- 1988”. Hiller’s piece was both an inspiration and reflected a mutual interest in family history and in the context of Cicatrix memorials. I represented my grandfather through both found and made objects. A selection of the made objects represented the process of making scarlet dye used for military uniforms and made from cochineal beetles. Hiller used collaged rose petals and photos of her grandmothers. The work was part of ‘Cicatrix – the scar of a healed wound’ an ACE funded project that investigated aspects of WW1, memorials, scaring and the land.