Installation on board HMS Trincomalee in one of the officer's cabins. Laser cut birch plywood.
HMS Trincomalee is a Royal Navy Leda-class sailing frigate built in India shortly after the end of the Napoleonic Wars and is the oldest floating warship in the world.

– a series of site specific laser cut installations by Helen Snell and students from High Tunstall College of Science until 30 June 2016

Following her solo exhibition ‘BURNT OUT’ at Hartlepool Art Gallery last year, the artist Helen Snell was commissioned to work with students from High Tunstall College of Science to produce a series of laser cut sculptural works. The resulting pieces have been dramatically sited on board HMS Trincomalee, in Hartlepool Art Gallery and Museum, and at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Hartlepool. The work is inspired by the rich maritime history of Hartlepool and the close study of historic artefacts from the museum collections.
Helen’s work is concerned the production of digital multiples and imperfect editions as a way to explore to themes of industrial manufacturing and also the relationship between the group and the individual. For Helen, this approach has a particular resonance with naval themes and also Hartlepool’s proud ship building history. The work is a reflection on the many ways in which individuality can be relinquished, either through acts of courage and self-sacrifice or through the militarisation of personnel .