Location: Science Gallery Detroit

MSU’s Science Gallery is presenting Tracked & Traced at the Michigan State University Museum. The exhibition and its supporting public programs examine the complex relationship between surveillance and ethics.
Through the contributions of selected national and international artists, scientists, and researchers the exhibition investigates surveillance both virtual and physical across four key themes. These include a focus on the ways that businesses collect personal information to generate profits, how surveillance disproportionately targets underprivileged populations, efforts to create more transparency and choice around the ways personal data is utilized, and protective actions individuals can take to combat unethical surveillance practices.

18 exhibits to feature in the exhibition. Artist from across the United States, The Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, and the United Kingdom are represented in the exhibition.

“The artworks in Tracked & Traced capture a huge range of the ways in which tracking and tracing technologies impact our lives – from the sinister to the unifying and beneficial.