Ceramic residency at The Horsfall, Manchester, 2017.

For ‘Play and Construct’ Helen examined the growing urban development in Manchester and it’s diminishing natural landscape. Helen takes huge influence from her childhood, growing up studying her parents approach of transforming everyday materials into something new.“I consider my role as an artist as a person at play. I treat the studio much like a person pottering in their shed, taking influence from my father’s D.I.Y mentality of making something out of anything approach.” Thinking about building brick toys from childhood, Helen will interrogated how as children we played with these bricks to create imaginary buildings and worlds, taking our imagination to different places of exploration.

Helen looked at how the idea of building block toys and childhood play are now transformed in adult life of mass building sites and sterile look a like buildings, questioning if this has diminished our sense of childhood imagination, and if these buildings are aimed to be a representation of how young people are to aspire to their future living spaces of rising rent prices, uniform buildings and limited open space.