Location: Found Gallery, 1 Bulwark, Brecon, LD3 7LB ? 07736 062849 / [email protected]

An exhibition of imaginative and thought-provoking small paintings and sculpture by members of the Welsh Group. Produced before and during the Coronavirus lockdown and to specifics in terms of size, Twenty Twenty will feature works that reflect and embody a Welsh art perspective.


The Welsh Group is a long-established group of professional artists who have a significant presence on the Welsh cultural scene and have become an important voice in promoting Welsh visual arts both at home and abroad.

Further information about members of the Welsh Group can be found on the group's website

and in the 2018 publication Y Grwp Cymreig yn 70 / The Welsh Group at 70 by David Moore which is for sale at Found. Please see here.


The exhibition will include work by Jacqueline Alkema, Jennifer Allan, Lynne Bebb, Ken Dukes, Wendy Earle, Heather Eastes, Lorna Edmiston, Paul Edwards, Anthony Evans, Chris Griffin, Robert Harding, Dilys Jackson, Jacqueline Jones, Kay Keogh, Angela Kingston, Karin Mear, Shirley Anne Owen, Gustavius Payne and Susan Roberts. Members of the group from Brecon: Roy Powell, Veronica Gibson and Sue Hiley Harris as well as other local artists: Robert Macdonald, Philippine Sowerby and Thomasin Toohie are also part of this group show.

Included in the exhibition will be a sculpture by Antonia Spowers who was an active member of the Welsh Group from 2007 until, sadly, she died earlier this year.