Approved: 16.08.2006

Graeme Reed

Artist, Teacher

Approved: 16.08.2006


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    Artist Statement


    Like any artist I’m really just trying to capture my own experiences and understanding of the world around me. I’m living in an image saturated world punctuated by combinations of routine daily life, and snapshots of global images from media and screen-based technology.

    This heightened juxtaposition of multiple visual experiences seems to increasingly reveal itself in personal anxieties and insecurities.

    In my recent work I focus on ‘fashion’ as a metaphor for this; the passion, confusion and anxiety we feel about our ‘appearance’ , and our constant thirst for approval, or disapproval! The images inevitably start to explore ideas about ‘fitting in’, ‘belonging’, ‘approval’ and ‘confusion’ etc.

    My ‘fragments’ of inspiration include people; fashion; places; memories; toys; photography; scanning stuff; textures; teaching; humour; childhood; luc tuymans; line; mistakes; music; cameras; rauschenberg; editing; copying stuff; found material; collage; cy twombly; cutting things; silkscreen; painting; mouse; photocopying; chance; illustration; printmaking; markets; martin creed; corrections; drawing; pens; graphic design; stand-up comedy; photoshop; mark e smith; tracing and popular culture.

    Career path;

    BA Hons Fine Art

    MA Fine Art Printmaking


    CV & Education

    Selected Exhibitions

    2017 - Ashbourne Arts Festival

    2016 - Wirksworth Festival

    2014 - Print Exhibition, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford

    2012 - Graeme Reed, Yellowstone Art Boutique, Stafford 

    2012 - Selected Artists, Ashbourne Town Hall, Derbyshire 

    2011 - Contemporary Printmakers, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford

    2011 - contemporary printmakers, The Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford

    2011 - Wirksworth Arts Festival, Art Trail, Wirksworth

    2010 - Asbourne Arts Festival 2010, Ashbourne Town Hall, Ashbourne

    2010 - Wirksworth Festival, Wirksworth Town, Wirksworth 

    2010 - Graeme Reed, Shire Hall Gallery Cafe, Shire Hall gallery, Stafford 

    2009 - Ashbourne Arts Festival, St John Street Gallery, Derbyshire 

    2009 - Wirksworth Art Festival, Art and Architecture Trail, Derbyshire

    2008 - Wirksworth Art Festival, art and architecture trail, Derbyshire

    2004 - Royal West of England Academy 6th Open Print Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, Cheltenham

    2004 - The Hunting Art Prize, Royal College of Art, London

    1994 - Paintings - Graeme Reed, Flaxman Gallery, Staffordshire University 

    1994 - Paintings - Graeme Reed, The Bond Gallery, Birmingham Group exhibitions 

    1994 - Beast Myths And Legends, Gateway Arts Centre, Shropshire

    1993 - Studiospace, English Bridge Workshop, Shropshire

    1992 - Migraine Images, St Martins Gallery, London

    1991 - Press To Print, Tyne And Wear Museum