pillbox outfoxed is a critical interrogation of psychiatry using found objects, pillboxes and visual poetry plus sound art. part of our long-term reclaiming languages ov lunacy - a response to the lunacies of psychiatry repeatedly forced on us, giving us heart-attacks, friction burns, broken ribs, homelessnesses, a criminal record & more! 59.4 x 42 cm and 8cm in height

a week of pillboxes containing symbolic items displayed grid-like on a visual poem messing with the words ov psychiatry. fragile tape is also sampled

visuals shown carriageworks leeds, arcadea newcastle, new art gallery walsall (in association with dash)

plus those ov us who have learnt to love our madnesses. sound art

seven days / daze meds-taking - glitches overlayer and a final sung those ov us who have learnt to love our madnesses transcending all

premiered meeting place, perth, arts access australia mar17