Aether & Hemera projection visualize and reflect the growing state of the social relations and conversations in the gallery space. Each conversation is represented by a shrub, growing in real-time while individuals chat with one another; these change in a shape, size and hue depending on the duration and volume of the conversation as perceived by different sensors and microphone.

By the end of the exhibition the whole series of conversations have generated an intricate and colourful forest still evolving as new spectators and guests interact in front of it.

Can aesthetic interaction engage with multi- user and induce feelings of connective human experiences?

Not only is the Growing Forest developed by dialogues, but by displaying a representation of conversations to the audience, provides new items to discuss, resulting in a convoluted self-generating loop. The Growing Forest represents a narrative visualization of all discussions’ history.

  • Dimensions: 3mx4m
  • Artforms: Installation
  • Tags: engage, interactive, New media, participatory, reactive, video, digital design, algorithmic software, creative coding