'In the requisition of the ephemeral: emerging and evolving#9.

This work is taken from a developing series of photographic works that refines and redefines the context of the ephemeral and its realisation in contemporary art practice.
Working through an ongoing explorative archive of incidental and transient occurrences, this series investigates the context of the event in situ that is captured, processed and developed.

Realised as finished photographic works, the raw photographic images captured in this series were taken into a development stage, cultivating a regenerative creative methodology. This process operates in response to the idea of the event, its representation and the status of the documentative found in lens and time-based media. Both contexts are questioned, signified and defined in the terms of a creative accountability. This process draws focus upon context, composition and the significance of the event from where and how the original image was conceived and should be articulated. This assertion emerges as a representation that depicts the transient occurrence as a visual abstraction of the self, time, location and duration, that delegates their resulting relationship.

The methodological multi-layered result of the continual development in this series of works conceives a subjective representational account of the ephemeral in the photographic image. This defines perspective and negotiates the value of our own experience, interpretation and reflection. Here, the selected works and the ongoing research in this series concludes, recovers and exemplifies the ephemeral, in the terms of chance and the coincidental, to the idea of ambiguity, in the context of the documentative and the development of the photographic image in contemporary art practice.

Digital C-type photographic print on
crystal archive paper.
Edition of 10.