‘In the requisition of the ephemeral: emerging and evolving’ is taken from a developing series of photographic works that refines and redefines the context of the ephemeral and its realisation in contemporary art practice.

Working through an ongoing explorative archive of incidental and transient occurrences, this series investigates the immediacy of the moment that is captured, processed and developed.
The accountability of the transient event through memory then cultivates a regenerative creative methodology. In which, the original photograph is developed further to find an expanded depiction of the transient event in terms of time, space and duration. This process intentionally considers and augments the context of the event, the photographic image and the documentative, in the attempt to conceive an evolving abstraction of everyday reality.
As a result, the subject of the ephemeral mediates and defines perspective and negotiates the value of our interpretation, chance, the coincidental and the idea of ambiguity in perceiving a valid representation of the world and that of the photographic image.

Digital C-type photographic print on
crystal archive paper.
Edition of 10.