Commission for the I’m Thinking of You project, a virtual postcard project generated around the 5 ways of well-being: connect, give, take notice, keep learning and be active. The group depicted here has deteriorated because the facilitator has failed to maintain a balance between group members, and the session is being dominated by a small, vocal minority, something which has frequently characterised my own experience of mental health support groups. This could be partly because the facilitator, Barbara (with her back to us, furry brown ears), is feeling intimidated by the presence of Nic and Eva Speakman who have decided to attend this weeks meeting. The Speakmans are, in the words of Jeremy Kyle, 
‘two of the worlds' most remarkable psychotherapists’ with a host of celebrity clients, and this could be why Barbara has failed to maintain a balance between group members. You are invited to download the templates and create your own support group and share the results if you would like to with @art_housecall, or @imthinkingofyou_cymru.