Tu Fewn was a series of DASH commissions based at venues in Wales, and I was commissioned to curate a three month programme at g39. I chose to explore the idea that art practice can (and should) be implemented as a tool for attempting to bring about positive change and to challenge institutionalised exclusion and prejudice. Organisations which don't examine and 'unpick' their stance/activity in this area can become isolated and be perceived as unapproachable, narrow thinking and outmoded even. Openness to a diverse set of viewpoints (artists/non artists; disabled/non disabled people/the regular gallery visitor/newcomers etc) is essential in ensuring a 'true' perspective, and encouraging diversity through a responsive dialogue. This is one way of achieving progress in addressing institutionalised exclusivity, and addressing the question of whether it’s possible to effect change in a permanent way. At g39 the programme was split into two halves, the first was a series of participatory, artist led events which revolved around a kind of visual arts version of Speakers Corner, providing a physical and metaphorical platform for artists looking at themes of diversity, access, empathy, labels, margins/mainstream and citizenship.