Approved: 18.05.2017

Gail Flockhart

Artist, Film-maker, Lecturer / academic, Maker, Researcher

Approved: 18.05.2017

Artist Statement


In an age of perfectionism, with intense pressure to be ‘liked’ on social media, an emerging aesthetics of the self within digital-visual cultures creates implications for our unique sense of self and often vulnerable identities. 

My Practice-as-Research is situated within the field of women’s lens-based art and draws on art historical, feminist and conceptual contexts to explore the relationship between artistic modes of self-representation and social modes of self-expression.  As a practitioner-researcher, I combine traditional and digital media, to create experimental still and moving-image, sound, projection and installation works at the intersection of photographic, film and smartphone technology.  

My personal perspective of self/world is inflected by experiences of past psychological and emotional trauma. So, through experimental and more contemplative visual vignettes, I explore how personal narrative, visual-language and performative-actions can articulate and affectively-transmit the processes underlying identity and self.



As experience transforms the sense of self, psychological pain or trauma can rewire our circuits of selfhood.  Negotiated through feminist perspectives and lived-experience, I ‘mine’ seams of self for material buried in time and personal history to uncover these complexes.  

Practice-as-Research and a phenomenological approach facilitate a ‘doing-thinking’ through the performative-process, opening a discursive space for memory and unconscious thought to appear through ruptures in identity. Revealing facets of self through visual images, can break-down elements we often fail to recognise in ourselves or acknowledge in others.  Being in front of and behind the camera-lens in a reflexive practice of self-representation, creates an opportunity to consider the processes involved in the physical performance and psychological construction of self. 

Bringing ideations of self into the open through re-performed actions, offers a therapeutic function and opportunity to identify with the ‘other’ - to reconnect the personal with the universal. 

CV & Education


MA Fine Art, University of Plymouth (2009)

BA (Hons) First Class, Fine Art, University of Plymouth (2006)


Selected Exhibitions, Works & Projects:

2018 - Un/perfect Ideals (ideas in progress)

2018 - Untitled Photocopier Selfie Series, 'Untitled Photocopier Selfie #12 (prayer)'  selected for Axisweb's Weekly 'Highlights' 8-14 Jan 2018

2017 - A/part from the Earth Series

2017 - Makers of the Multiverse (Postcards/Workshop), Juneau Projects via Spacex, Exeter

2016 - Untitled Shadow Selfie Series 

2015 – Re/imagined Film Stills Series 

2010 - CeilingSpring Screen South West Open Film Festival, Spacex, Exeter (short film top billed)

2009 - Moving Image Passing Time, Exhibition of Women Artists Work at Birdwood Gallery, Totnes

2009 - Assemblage (Inhabiting Metaphors), Peninsular Arts, Plymouth

2006 - Black Box, film shorts at Phoenix, Creative CollectiveiExeter

2006 - Degree Show, School of Art & Performance, Exeter, University of Plymouth

2005 - Nascent, Exhibition at Royal William Yard, Plymouth

2005 - To Be Discarded, School of Art & Performance, Exeter, University of Plymouth

2004 - Max 10 Events, Falmouth Arts Centre, Cornwall

2004 - Max 10 @ Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall


Collaborations & Residencies:

2017 - Dartmoor Art Project, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter (group submission shortlist)

2012 - Being, Wayward Arts Group, Exeter (collaborative book-work project)

2009 - National Trust, Barrington Court, Illminster, Somerset (residency)

2007 Poltimore House, Exeter, Devon (residency)


Workshops, Talks & Conferences:

2018 - 57th Venice Biennale 2017 – Viva Arte Viva, presentation/talk for Wayward Art Group

2017 - Shadow Selfie Workshop, Juneau Projects/Spacex, Exeter (convener)

2009 - Source, Projection Workshop with Richard Milner, University of Plymouth (participant)

2007 - Screen/Space: The Projected Image in Contemporary Art, University of Edinburgh (delegate)


Curatorial Projects:

2017 - Dartmoor Project, co-curated for submission to Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter

2012 - Wayward Arts Group, Exeter, co-curated compilation of nine artists book-works

2005 - Nascent, Publicity Team and Exhibition Photography