Part of Paulette et Jacques, installations developed in the artist studio through 2018. Paulette et Jacques is a body of work realised under Dupré’s new project Couture, began in late 2016. Couture investigates the performativity of drawing through stitching. Combining stitching and drawing with the practice of memory, the project aims to develop a hybrid practice, through temporary experimental installations – aesthetic encounters for drawing and textile-based works.

Stiches: openwork embroidery, English embroidery or Madeira work. Broderie sur blanc, bordure en broderie de Madère ou broderie anglaise.

Washi (Japanese paper) Kozo (mulberry); Arches watercolour cotton paper; shellac gum ink; pencil; acrylic paint; linen napkins; mid-20th century wall paper; polyester, silk and linen threads; white glass-headed steel pins; plastic head quilting steel pins; dressmaking steel pins; belts of workwear dresses; glass and copper shaped chandelier pieces; tin/copper wire thread; wood, nickel and plastic curtain rings; clear acrylic rod; white metal rings; nickel D-rings; cup metal hooks; dowel pine rods, double ended galvanised metal suspension wire, self adhesive white plastic ceiling hooks; galvanised metal S hooks.

Washi paper piece: 0m97 H x 0m52 W
Napkins piece: 1m76 H x 0m51 W
Arches paper piece:0m84 x 0m57
Glass hanging piece: 1m61 H (to dowel) x 0m 40 W
Belts piece: 1m53 H x 0m90 W.

Overall dimensions
H: from floor to ceiling: 3m20
2m80 W x 0m73 D