Ashburnham Place is both in the public realm and a secluded environment which fosters creativity and time to develop ideas uninterrupted by the usual day to day events. It is a distinct and separate environment designed by Capability Brown with wide open spaces, water and lots of woodland. I began a self-initiated artist’s residency here in 2015 which allowed me the opportunity to explore a more playful process, finding new avenues and materials in my artistic practice. It also enabled me to develop a better intellectual understanding of the relationship between myself, my work and my environment. After working onsite for 3 months I had a new body of research in the form of drawings, films, photographs and writing, this has led to the development of a project called Revolution and Resonance, to make the transition from 2d work to 3d work based on drawings relating to the circulation and movement of the wind around Broadwater Lake.
Revolution and Resonance has enabled me to engage with the volunteers, staff at Ashburnham Place and the public. It has given me opportunities to explore making 3d work that floats on water and has led directly to a new critical framework for my practice which is about the relationship of dependency between the object, the surface and the anchor below. I have experienced a lot of problem solving, worked with other people who are experts in their field and have received mentoring throughout, this has been invaluable to my growth as an artist and to my confidence to progress to new levels.
Validation of feedback from visitors and staff so far has been uplifting and positive and I have gained the attention of a gallery and local curators. From this point on I want to research the dependency relationship through exploring making work that floats outdoors with new materials. Investigating their limitations, how they behave in all weather conditions and within the context of landscape.