An interactive Self-guided Tour of Cramond Island explored via AR (Augmented Reality) tagged video, audio, text and animated artworks from mid November 2020. This work was concieved and carried out under Covid 19 restrictions and made to be compliant to guidance at the time. Individual viewers could physically be in an outdoor location on the tidally locked island and experience the AR environment artworks safely, as well as having the option to view all works entirely remotely.

Individual works in the tour were created by smaller collaborative groups working with broad categories like society and environment and how they feed into space development.

Planet Cramond is the 1st of 3 collaborative artwork by Asteria Creative.

Details here and access to the Self-Guided Tour PDF under Event 1

(on-site or remote viewing the artworks requires you to download a free 3rd party AR viewing App)

Asteria Creative are : Gonzalo Gil — Physicist, Polina Chizhova — Artist & Art Historian, Tom Cross — Sound Designer, Linda Di Felice — Physicist, Herve Girardin — Sound Designer, Divyanshi Gupta — Animator, Ewan Robertson — Sculptor, Tamara Rogovic –Artist, James Stephen Wright — Artist