The Purring Lawnmower (2014, Simon Connell and Estelle Woolley), a multi-sensory composition of components, demonstrates a playful encounter between sounds and objects. The combined visual, aural and spatial arrangement of materials presents a multi-layered installation.

Fragile natural components relate to sonic communication being “…based on the fragility of time… time that assumes space and is assumed by it in the unfolding of its temporality, always now” (Salome Voegelin). Natural objects further invoke the sense of discovery within the audio recordings and allude to the concept of the Wunderkammer.

Paper collages are incorporated within the composition used formally in a humorous way like a mowed path. The delicate, flat components are reflected in the three dimensional objects bordering the two dimensional landscape.

Natural components relate conceptually to the emotions embodied within the purring audio recording.

  • Tags: Sound sculpture, Nature, The uncanny, Collage