Approved: 15.10.2014

Ernesto Romano


Approved: 15.10.2014
  • Location: London
  • Contexts: Project
  • Artforms: Digital, Graphics, Photography
  • Tags: datura, flower, skin, finger, fingerprint, symbiosis, germination, seed, thorns, x-ray, skull, self-portrait, flowers, anatomy, botany

Artist Statement


My work is a research that starts from a scientific approach to plants: botany.

But it moves to an ucertain field: the unconscius, the dream.

I look at plants with a sensibility that brings me beyond the scientific approach to explore human mind and soul. This is why i almost always combine plants with human anatomy, and medical records like x-rays.

I would like to explore more the portrait possibilities of what I do with x-rays, starting from the X-rays of a person, while sticking to the language that I started developing with my self-portait with my own x-rays. A language that reveals an incoscious perception of the self ( or the other).

I  have been working also on private commissions with portraits based on x-rays ( in 2012 a famous showgirl in Italy, radio and TV presenter, fell in love with my work and gave me her x-ray of the spine to make a portrait and for her i chose the beautiful Digitalis purpurea.


CV & Education

Solo Exhibitions


2009            In Floressence, 4Art Gallery, Barcelnoa, Spain

2009            Visioni Meristematiche, Art Way Gallery, Treviso, Italy

2009            Programma, Venice, Italy

2008            Imagina Cafe', Venice, Italy

2008            Cafe' au Livre, Padova, Italy


Group Exhibitions


2013        INVERSE-EVOKE: Art and Text, London, UK

2013        TITLE ART PRIZE – Manchester, UK

2013        BIG DEAL no 5, London, UK

2013        Performance at the Bermondsey Street Festival, London, UK 21.09.2013

2013          Brighton Art Fair, presented by Renée Pfister, Art &  Gallery Consultancy,  Brighton (UK)

2013             Flowers, Vyner Street, London, UK

2013          Palace Art Fair, presented by Renée Pfister, Art &  Gallery Consultancy, London, UK

2013            Spring, Cultivate, Vyner Street, London, UK

2012          Wimbledon Art Studios Open Studio Winter Show, London, UK

2012          Wimbledon Art Studios Open Studio Summer Show, London, UK     

2012              Arti in Posa, Mira Villa dei Leoni, Venice, Italy

2010          Arti inferiori, Milano, Italy

2010          Arti inferiori, Art Way Gallery, Treviso, Italy

2010              Italy International Art Fair “Step09”, Art Way Gallery, Milan, Italy

2009          Pecha Kucha Night Catania, Italy

2009         La Fotografia del Pensiero, Italy Fair of Photography, Milan, Italy




2013         I Feel So Creative, Fashion Brand, tshirts and dresses with selected artworks 

2013       x-ray portrait the Armenian Composer and Musician Kevin Grygorian  (work in progress)

2012       x-ray portrait of the Spanish Poet Luna Miguel for his book cover Musa Ammalata - Musa Enferma, edited by Damocle, Italy

2012       x-ray portrait of the Italian TV and Radio Presenter La Pina  

2009-2013- Various commissions for cd covers in Italy- art direction and artworks




Works are held in private collections in UK and Italy




Title Art Prize 2013, UK, Shortlisted