I will be opening my studio to the public as part of Bucks Art Weeks 12 - 27 June 2021 and will have paintings and drawings on show as well as the sketchbooks I have made and filled over the last 12 months of the many walks taken in my local area during lockdown.
I will be open to the public Sat 12th, 19th 1pm-5pm; Wed 16th, 23rd 10am-2pm; Fri 18th, 25th 10am-2pm. Venue 269.
https://www.bucksartweeks.org.uk/galleries/2021/emma-williams for more info.

A unique opportunity to see hundreds of artists, in hundreds of venues across Buckinghamshire demonstrating their skills and selling direct from their studios and pop-up venues.
All opening times and exhibition venues can be accessed online at www.bucksartweeks.org.uk.