Approved: 26.02.2016

Emma Coop

Artist, Consultant, Gallery educator, Researcher

Approved: 26.02.2016

Emma Coop is a British Artist who lives and works in London. She holds an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design.

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  • Location: London
  • Contexts: Diversity, Exhibition, Project, Residency
  • Tags: #drawing, #foil, #sea, #graphite, #sketch, #waves, #tonal, #darkandlight, #subline, #monochrome, #abyss, #mood, #static, #paper, #folded




    Emma Coop is a British Artist who lives and works in London. She holds an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design.

    The drawings of Emma Coop are quiet and reflective, they invite the viewer to look and to be immersed in their detail. Repeatedly making drawings of the sea, Coop has a connection with late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Romanticism, whereby a landscape could summon a visual representation of an emotional state.

    Drawing with graphite, an interplay of emotions is expressed through the relationship between opposing drawing styles, or by the tension created by the materiality of the surfaces she draws onto.  These varying surfaces include cut paper, folded paper and a crumpled survival blanket. Of interest is the competing visibilities of surface composition with the drawn sea surface of her work.

    Coop's work examines the nature of 'a moment' or, by contrast, the lengthy unraveling of time. The drawings created depict split second moments, yet take considerable time to make. Her work slowly dwells on the assimilation of detail to the point where by the process of drawing becomes an mesmeric act in itself. The resulting artworks express this labored process along with it's inherent futility and desire.

    CV & Education


    2004, MA Fine Art, Chelsea School of Art (UAL)

    2003, PG dip Fine Art, Chelsea School of Art (UAL)

    2000, BA (Hons) Interactive Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University


    Selected Exhibitions


    LIGHT AND SHADE, Sightlines Projecgts, Christmas Steps Gallery, Bristol

    THRESHOLDS, Gonzo Unit, Thessaloniki, Greece

    MURMURATION, ICE Space, Bath Fringe Festival, Bath


    THE SAME DEEP WATER (Two person show with Darren Nixon), The Great Medical Disaster, Manchester,

    EVOLVE DAMN IT, Camberwell Arts Festival, London

    PROOF, Art Hub Gallery, London

    THIS YEAR'S MODEL: DEEP SPACE, Studio 1.1, London

    RE:COUNT, Someth1ng, London


    LOOKING UP, Studio 1.1, London

    SIXTY, Art Athina, Art Fair, Athens

    SIXTY, Lubomirov / Angus Hughes, London

    KEEP ME POSTED, Art Hub Gallery, London

    COVER VERSION, Studio 73 Gallery, London


    ART CONVERTERS, Studio 1.1, London


    SEASONAL FAIR, Chalton Gallery, London

    SEASONAL FAIR, Someth1ng Gallery, London

    BAZAAR, Lubomirov / Angus Hughes, London

    ART NOUVEAU, Studio 73 Gallery, London

    UNTITLED, Someth1ng Gallery, London

    CHEMCRAFT, Espacio Gallery, London

    THE PRINT EXHIBITION, ArtHub Gallery, London


    UNTIL IT MAKES SENSE, Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, Paris

    UNTIL IT MAKES SENSE, Seventeen Gallery, London

    WHO CARES ABOUT GREEK ART?, Independant space, Athens


    I.E. Video Archive, Independant space, London

    HER UP STAIRS, Open studio, Temporary Contemporary, London


    Video Symposium,?Rhotas 2 Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan

    Experimental Video Art, Puratha University, Thailand


    THERE TO HERE, Tmesis Gallery, Manchester (Solo Show)

    Glass Box Gallery, Salford (Solo Show)
    SUMMER BIENNALE, International 3 Gallery, Manchester


    YOU ARE HERE, Holden Gallery, Manchester

    MAN MOMA, International 3 Gallery, Manchester