Approved: 30.11.2014

Emma Bennett


Approved: 30.11.2014


Emma Bennett makes paintings, drawings, sculptures and site-specific wall paintings which consider issues of physical and emotional engagement with known territories and spaces. Interested in Modernist and Post-War Architecture the artist uses the built environment to seek out structures to investigate within her painting practice.

By exploring links between architectural materials, space, colour and paint, she arranges forms and striking colour choices that allude to an imaginary landscape, almost fixed in time. Often overlooked, functional spaces and buildings built during the 1960’s/70’s feature in her work, many may be under threat of being demolished or radically updated. Once gone they are lost forever.

Recent painting series’ have used circular bare wood panels and hand made concrete rectangular panels to paint upon. The use of flat painted geometric shapes applied directly onto these grounds form an unlikely relationship as strong colour combinations sit beside bare wood grain and bare concrete. The works hints at an altered space lying between reality and abstraction.

She is also developing an ongoing series of map drawings. By using old charts and employing early triangulation methods used in navigation, she plots personal journeys that are informed by travel, memory and personal connection. The levels of opacity within the coloured areas of the drawings relate to how vivid her recollection may be.

CV & Education


2017-19 MA in Fine Art, Teesside University (working towards 2019 graduation)

2009 BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Teesside University

1994 BTEC HND in Design, Berkshire College of Art & Design

1992 BTEC Diploma in Art & Design, Cleveland College of Art & Design



2018 High Rise, The Calver Gallery, South Square Centre, Bradford

2016-17 Altered Space, Platform A Gallery, Middlesbrough

2015 Emma Bennett, The Tunnel Gallery, Middlesbrough Train Station Underpass



2019 Beyond Graduation (28 Feb - 3 April) Heritage Gallery, Cargo Fleet 

2018 ARTISTS LIVE HERE /ARTISTS WORK HERE, Middlesbrough Town Hall flagpoles

2018 Manchester Contemporary

2018 Commonplace, Crown Street Gallery, Darlington

2018 Then and Now, The Bowery Gallery, Leeds

2017 Head Space, The Constantine Gallery, Middlesbrough

2017 Gilkes Street Artists, Heritage Gallery, Cargo Fleet

2017 Magical Geometry, Chapel Gallery, Lancashire

2017 INPRINT 2017, Teesside University

2015 SELFHOODS, The Constantine Gallery, Middlesbrough

2015 Localism, mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art), Middlesbrough

2015 Traverse, Python Gallery, Middlesbrough

2015 Beyond Repetition, The Bowery Gallery, Leeds

2015 Surface, The Constantine Gallery, Middlesbrough

2015 GROUNDED, Platform A Gallery, Middlesbrough

2015 INPRINT 2015, Teesside University

2014 Postcards to America- Exchange Rates, Brooklyn, New York

2014 Recursive, No Format Gallery, London

2013 Draw, Gilkes Street Artists Gallery, The Crafts Centre, Middlesbrough

2009 Can You Fine Art Degree Show, Teesside University



2019 Creative Factory Production Grant Award (Creative Factory is Middlesbrough Council's Great Places Tees Valley Project)

2018 The KPP Prize for Art, Architecture + Design: Forms Assembled in the Light, Sunny Bank Mills, Leeds (Prizewinner- Runner up) 

2018 Stockton Contemporary 

2018 Twice as Nice, PS Mirabel, Manchester

2017 Dialogus, Vane, Newcastle

2017 Small World, PS Mirabel, Manchester (Highly Commended)

2017 Blimey X, Cornmill Centre, Darlington

2017 Middlesbrough Art Weekender

2016 Spectrum, PS Mirabel, Manchester

2016 West Lancashire Open Exhibition, Chapel Gallery, Lancashire

2016 Long-listed for Contemporary British Painting Prize

2015 Wells Art Contemporary 2015, Wells Museum, Wells, Somerset (Selected by Richard Wentworth, Mariele Neudecker & Donald Smith)

2015 mima Artist’s Bursary

2014 mima Visual Arts Bursary

2014 Platform A Mentoring Program (mentored by Lothar Goetz)

2014 From Here and There: Drawings from the UK, Elysium Offsite, Swansea

2014 Wells Art Contemporary 2014, Wells Museum, Wells, Somerset (Selected by Richard Wentworth, Anita Taylor & Donald Smith)

2014 From Here and There: Drawings from Swansea to Colorado, Clara Hatton Gallery, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. USA

2010 Salon Art Prize, Matt Roberts Arts Project Space, Vyner St, East London (Selected by Kate MacGarry, Peter Bonnell & Richard Birkett)



2016 Site Specific Work - Gallery, Register Office (Still Standing), Acrylic on Wall, Dimensions Variable, Platform A Gallery

2014 Site Specific Work- Public, Speaker, Acrylic and Vinyl on Wall, Dimensions Variable, Brentnall Business Centre, 65 Gilkes Street, Middlesbrough



2016-17 Artist in residence (AA2A project) at Teesside University

2014-15 Artist in residence (AA2A project) at Teesside University



2017 Love Middlesbrough Blog, text by Rob Nichols 

2015 Narc Magazine, Selfhoods

2015 Corridor 8 Journal, text by Annie O’Donnell

2015 Love Middlesbrough Blog, text by Rob Nichols


2018 Then and Now,  2008 - 2018, The Bowery Gallery 

2017 Lungs 2, Lungs Project 

2017 Middlesbrough Art Weekender 

2014 Drawings From Here and There, Elysium Gallery